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Who We are

Welcome To Dagsware

Dagsware is a new-generation, dynamic company solely dedicated and committed to providing you turn-key solutions in the area of Information and Technology.
  • All kind of software solutions under single roof
  • Following proved software process – SDLC methods
  • Complete Quality Control and Assessment
  • Support Center with Deticated Support team

Who we are ?

Dagsware, a company incorporated in 2012, has its Head Office and its Research & Development center in Coimbatore. The company was started by professionals having rich experience in manufacturing sector. The DAGSWARE Management Team has hands on experience in designing and implementation of ERP systems for small, medium and large industries and corporate.

The Development team is highly capable of providing a readymade solution to small and medium industries in quick time, at the same time taking care of providing tailor made solutions to suit the requirements of large industries. The Project team which undertakes the software implementation at customer site extends additional support in the areas of system up gradation and system adherence in all functional areas of the client.

The company also under takes BPR (Business Process Re- Engineering) prior to ERP implementation, for clients on request and it has several industry professionals as consultants in the areas of ISO, TPM, TQM and lean Management to support the client, based on their need.

To succeed in today's competitive environment, companies need to innovate, develop and deliver high quality products as well as address the complex needs of a growing business. The global marketplace is constantly evolving and Focus custom-built IT solutions to help companies focus on what they do best, while functioning better and driving business.

Established in 2012, Dagsware has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Right from its first product (version), the emphasis was always on continuous R&D and team work to ensure the products developed are feature-rich and are based on state-of-the-art technologies. As an IT solutions provider with over 2+ years of experience and multi-domain expertise, Dagsware's consulting services and skill sets are backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business.

By re-engineering business processes and optimizing resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient industry specific solutions. We back our clients with complete and disciplined strategies for managing their work force globally through our HR services ranging from sourcing, assessing and providing training and development needs of an organizations work force.


To increase market reach via global expansions and to deliver the best business management application and integration expertise with faster return on investment to businesses world-wide.


Dagsware strives consistently to provide solutions and products using emerging technologies with high quality standards and zero errors. With a strong emphasis on research and development, Dagsware is constantly innovating with the development of new technologies and new products. Dagsware aims to be the best IT solutions provider for enterprises in terms of growth, quality, and innovation. At Dagsware, there is Focus in how the company sees and approaches business. A focus on developing products best suited for client needs present and future, a focus on how to help client businesses grow, a focus on providing solutions that move business.

Value Proposition

Dagsware integrates people and technologies to deliver quality products and innovative solutions to business challenges across the world. Customers are guaranteed:

High return on investment with low total cost of ownership

Solutions to strengthen core functions for greater impact

On-time, on-budget project delivery

100% total maintenance support

Customizable solutions

Why choose us?

We are
  • Experienced Developers

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Fast Delivery

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Web-Based Project Management

We do
  • All kind of software solutions under single roof

  • Following proved software process – SDLC methods

  • Complete Quality Control and Assessment

We excel
  • Clear understanding of requirements

  • In Customer Satisfaction

Our Work Flow

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  • Planing
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Launch

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